LCBO Sale Pick of the Week: Dec. 29

Cavas Hill Cellars 1887 Brut (Penedès, Spain)

Sale $11.45, Regular $13.95
Discount (until Jan. 3): $2.00
LCBO # 370866 | 750 mL bottle

Tastes like: Apple, pear, melon and croissant, with a hint of savoury herbs.
Pairs with: Seafood, oysters, snacks.
Good for: Greeting the twilight as the days get mercifully longer.
Alcohol: 11.5%
Drink: Now.

Why we're drinking this
We drink a lot of Cava, because we love sparkling wine and we love saving money. Cava is made in the traditional method of Champagne — a second fermentation inside the bottle makes the bubbles and aging on the spent yeast (lees) adds depth and complexity. But, Cava costs a quarter the price of entry level Champagne. Do the math, enjoy the benefits. And stock up for New Year's Eve.

Tasting note
Lots of tiny bubbles, indicating quality and verve. Gentle aroma of apple, pear, melon, lemon curd, tangerine and croissant dough (that’s the lees talking). A hint of vanilla bean and some savoury herbs (some might say quince). The wine is crisp and delicate (just 11.5% alcohol) but it has a nice medium weight and structure. Bracing acidity makes it refreshing and lovely with all kinds of food, especially seafood appetizers and oysters on the shell. Happy New Year!

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