7 Special Experience Gifts to Get Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Do you have a mother figure in your life you want to treat for Mother’s Day this year? Are you tearing your hair out trying to find a gift that’s good enough for her? You know you want a gift as special as your mom is, but honestly, that seems like a tall order! We know time is ticking, and we want to help. Our first suggestion—stop thinking in terms of things. Instead, try creating a special experience for your mom this Mother’s Day! 

We’ve come up with some suggestions for Mother’s Day experience gifts that are sure to wow. Whether you want to pamper your mom, give her a chance to pursue more of her interests and passions, or spend some quality time together – or all of the above – we’ve got you covered!

Hire a Private Chef for a Night

If you want to surprise your mom with a nice meal but don’t quite have the prowess in the kitchen, consider hiring a private chef for a night! Treat your mom to a luxurious multi-course meal experience at home that will have her feeling like royalty. Some services, like Chef & Somm in Toronto, even create entire dining experiences, with table-side discussion with the chef, wine pairings, and event decor for a truly special experience. If you’re not sure where to start with hiring a chef, Take A Chef has a directory of over 40,000 chefs in more than 100 countries for you to choose from.

Pamper Your Mom with a Spa Day

Okay, so a spa day is a bit of a cliché, but it’s a cliché for good reason. Being a mom is a very stressful job and that stress takes a toll, both mental and physical! Your mom deserves a day to really rest, relax, and let some of that stress melt away. Most spas offer gift packages of complementary services, so it’s easy to select an experience and get your mom the pampering she deserves!

Call in a Professional Organizer

It doesn’t matter if your mom is hyper-organized or surrounded by her own special brand of chaos. Sometimes, it’s nice to just leave something to the professionals. Hire a home organization professional to help your mom declutter and organize her space. Your mom can relax and be surprised with the results, or if she’s very particular, the organizer can work more closely with her to organize things how she wants! Some will even do a full deep clean as part of their service. The best part? Your mom doesn’t just get a day off from cleaning, she gets a new, more usable space. The gift that keeps on giving!

Get Your Mom an Online Masterclass (Or Several!) 

Is your mom the kind of person who’s always picking up new hobbies and interests? Is she curious and creative and always telling you about an interesting thing she learned the other day? We recommend getting her a membership to an online learning platform like MasterClass or Skillshare. With hundreds of instructors and thousands of courses available across a huge range of topics, your mom can pick up a new skill every day of the year – right up until next Mother’s Day! Alternatively, if you don’t want to overwhelm your mom with choices or just want to personalize your gift more, there’s the option of gifting her an individual class on one of her more niche interests from Udemy.

Take Your Mom to a Dance Class

If your mom’s not big on staying in and studying, how about getting out and moving instead? If you think your mom would enjoy learning some new skills but would prefer to do something active and social, how about signing her up for a dance class package? Or even better, take one with her! In addition to learning something fun and new, your mom will get a gift experience that she gets to enjoy regularly for weeks or months to come! 

Plan a Day Trip

Don’t get to see your mom as much as you (or she) would like? Want to take the opportunity this Mother’s Day to spend some quality time with mom? Plan an outing for the two of you! You could experience the wonder of nature at one of Canada’s many national parks, historic sites, and marine conservation areas, or enjoy a lovely day on the water at the lake or ocean. Is your mom a wine lover? Combine a scenic view with delicious food and wine by booking a fabulous Canadian winery experience. See and taste all that Canada has to offer!

Treat Your Mom to a Kwaf Wine Subscription Package

So you like the idea of treating your mom with luxury, ease, learning, and a special Canadian experience this Mother’s Day? How about a combination of all of the above? 

Get your mom a Kwaf bi-monthly wine subscription gift this Mother’s Day. With each pack, your mom gets to discover incredible small-batch and VQA-quality wines from Ontario. She gets to support local wineries, learn about and taste exclusive offerings not available anywhere else, and get this experience delivered right to her door! Plus, after her first box in June, the boxes will keep coming every two months (for the length of the gift package). That means you’re not just giving her a one and done experience – you’re giving her something to look forward to with every box. 

Buy a Kwaf Gift for Mom!

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