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What are LCBO Weekly Picks?

We love to share good wine with you, we work hard to find the best of Ontario wines to be featured in ClubK and exclusive offers in the Shop. BUT we also know that you frequent your local retailer to stock your cabinet, cellar, fridge, etc.

The LCBO Weekly Picks is a free service we offer for the good of the wine drinking public - we review and evaluate the upcoming sales from the LCBO and give you our recommendations for the best wines at the best price. 

We want to hear from you!

Have you taken us up on our suggestion? Were you impressed, so-so, or disappointed? We want to know which wines you buy at the LCBO, what is your 'house wine' or the one that you grabbed randomly and now can't live without. Leave us a comment and help us refine our LCBO Weekly Picks!

Have you used the app?

kwäf: Pocket Somm is the guide for all of your LCBO shopping and browsing needs, and you can use it any time, any place.

What’s on the app:

  • View all LCBO Sale Picks in app – this week’s, last week’s and every week’s. View the best wines on sale with tasting notes and pairings, and get a notification when we make the latest pick!
  • Product search – you can search for every product in LCBO right from our app. You can even scan barcodes of products you have at home!
  • Check availability in stores – know before you go. Check how much of your favourite product is left in your local store before you get there. Set your home store as your favourite.
  • Save picks for later – found something you want to try later? Like an LCBO Pick you don’t want to forget? Save it to your watchlist and never worry about missing out on a new fav.
  • Share products with friends – Found an LCBO Pick so good you need to tell your friends right away? Send them your picks in the app so they can get all the info too!

Each week we'll be adding new LCBO Picks and lists of our faves for you to enjoy!

Plus, did we mention it’s free?!

What are you waiting for? Download kwäf: Pocket Somm now!

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