About kwäf

Buy wine better. Buy better wine.

The kwäf Taste Buds are constantly tasting wines and have a track record for finding good bottles. It’s what they do.

Once they find one, the team jumps into action. We work with the winery to secure the wine at a sweet price - these are the kwäf Exclusives.

Then we get the word out to our kwäf Insiders (Sign Up!) so they can jump all over it. Quantities are limited, so we all need to act fast!

Nope. These wines are not available at the LCBO.

Who are the Taste Buds?

We want people to drink only good wine, at a fair price. And to really enjoy what they drink. That’s kwäf’s simple mission.

The kwäf team consists of wine industry pros Justyn Szymczyk and Dick Snyder.

Justyn came up with the idea for kwäf, and Dick joined right in. Justyn has a background in engineering and an obsession with good wine. He’s from Niagara, so he grew up in the middle of it. He loves discovering good wine that over-delivers for the price, he'll walk to the end of the earth (or drive to wine country) to find one.

Dick’s a journalist with a short attention span and a serious thirst. He owns and edits CityBites magazine and, because he reads a lot about wine, he figured he might as well go into the wine business. That way, he could work and drink at the same time.

The kwäf tasting panel—the Taste Buds—consists of top sommeliers, including Lindsay Groves and Zoltan Szabo. More sommeliers will be added to roster as kwäf grows.

Sign up to be a kwäf Insider

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get advanced notice of our kwäf Exclusives so you can jump all over them before word gets out. (A couple of offers a month for now.)

Plus, you’ll get a friendly email each week with our LCBO Picks—these are wines you can buy on sale at the LCBO that have been given the kwäf Taste Buds seal of approval.

Only good wine at a good price. How sweet is that?