Best in Class Gift Box Details

Big red wines like these in your gift pack should be decanted in order to fully experience their aromas and flavours. Here are 3 ways you can decant red wines:

Pour it Into a Jug

Water pitcher, beer jug (if that's your style), or any other vessel will do. The trick here is that the air can move through the wine as it transfers from the bottle into the new jug. A vigorous pour is ok!

Kitchen Blender

Not just for smoothies! Kitchen blenders can kick a wine into gear for immediate service. Just pour in the wine and hit "frappé" for 3-5 seconds! Works best on young, robust wines. (Better to decant the finer stuff.)

Swish and Swirl

This one requires a bit of forearm stamina. Simply pour your wine into your desired chalice, grab it by the base, and swirl the wine around the bowl of the glass. This lets in the air and brings out the aromas.

Stratus 2012 Petit Verdot
A complex, powerful wine with flourishes of elegance and complex aromatics. “Plush and velvety with blueberry preserves, sweet spice and elegant floral notes of violet and dried rose,” says sommelier Lindsay Groves.

Creekside Estate Winery 2012 Unbroken Press Syrah
This award-winning wine is full-bodied, with a nose of black currant, raspberry, grilled meats, kirsch, pepper and a lifted floral note. Rich and weighty on the palate, with wild and integrated fruit, bramble and rousing spices to go with the firm tannin and delicate acidity. Definitely a contender for longer-term aging.

Malivoire 2012 Stouck Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon
This hearty wine rides an incredibly fine line between brawn and finesse. Beautiful black berries and cassis, with sweet cedar, spice and chocolate dance on the palate. While its mouth-filling juiciness offers up the perfect accompaniment to meaty, earthy dishes.