California Dreaming Gift Box Details

Your wine gift pack comes with tips for decanting your wine along with a custom Spotify playlist for your listening (and drinking) pleasure:

3 Tips to Decant Red Wine

Pour it Into a Jug
Water pitcher, beer jug (if that's your style), or any other vessel will do. The trick here is that the air can move through the wine as it transfers from the bottle into the new jug. A vigorous pour is ok!

Kitchen Blender
Not just for smoothies! Kitchen blenders can kick a wine into gear for immediate service. Just pour in the wine and hit "frappé" for 3-5 seconds! Works best on young, robust wines. (Better to decant the finer stuff.)

Swish and Swirl
This one requires a bit of forearm stamina. Simply pour your wine into your desired chalice, grab it by the base, and swirl the wine around the bowl of the glass. This lets in the air and brings out the aromas.

What's in your pack...

Girasole Vineyards 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon
With just a touch of Sangiovese adding red cherry and earthiness, this wine was rated a “best buy” from Wine Enthusiast magazine. It’s fruit-forward and lighter in style, with just a touch of oak. Great as an aperitif with light snacks and cheese.