Kwäf Update

We’re sure that you have noticed the changes here at kwäf, and we wanted to fill you in on what you can expect moving forward. kwäf is still, above all, committed to delivering our members the best of Ontario wines, which is why our relationship with you is so valuable to us.

In late 2018, BlackSquare Inc. acquired kwäf from previous owner Equity Wine Group (EWG). Equity Wine Group is still a committed partner for Blacksquare and kwäf.

“The transition of kwäf to BlackSquare made sense for us, for a number of reasons, including the fact that we still retain an ownership stake in the business. It was important for us to ensure continuity throughout the handover, and well into future operations, retaining the relationships and progress that we have built over the past 4 years”     - Andrew Howard, President EWG

BlackSquare is a Canadian technology company, headquartered in Calgary, with offices in Toronto and Sydney, Australia. BlackSquare is a global leader in direct to consumer solutions for the alcohol industry, working with producers in the wine, beer and spirits sectors. BlackSquare is committed to the growth of global ecommerce in the wine, beer and spirits industry and provides a suite of solutions to serve producers, including many clients right here in Ontario.

How does kwäf fit into BlackSquare? Quite well actually! kwäf will continue to be focused on delivering the best in Ontario wines to consumers in Ontario, while having the advantages of the larger BlackSquare direct to consumer (DTC) platform. One element that distinguishes BlackSquare from other technology companies is that we use the same tools, technologies and learning on our own business lines that we share with our clients - we are the ‘taste tester’ of our own blends.

“We are thrilled to welcome kwäf into the BlackSquare family. Our mission across all brands is to deliver the best quality product and user experience to our members and clients. Using our ten years of experience in operating DTC globally, we are confident that we will be able to bring kwäf to the next level. Our goal is to continue to provide a stable and reliable channel for Ontario wineries to promote and grow their brand and fans.” - Amber Fountain, Director of DTC Operations

While kwäf’s purpose and passion continues to remain the same, we will be making some changes to ensure we always produce the best customer experience possible, alongside your amazing wines. You can expect some upgrades and even a makeover in the near future, all with the purpose of improvement and growth. We hope the most noticeable change is the increase of sales and brand exposure for your wines.

We look forward to working with you in the months and years to come, and hope that this change will benefit our relationship. Please take some time to explore all that BlackSquare is passionate about, from intelligent logistics solutions, software and integrated partners, to our dedication of  elevating the way we share your wine information through Global Wine Database.

We are here to chat and look forward to hearing from you!