Sunrise, Sunset Gift Box Details

There's no better way to start off a cool morning than with a nice hot cup of joe. And for the very best experience, use this brewing tip from the coffee masters at Pilot Coffee Roasters:

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What else is in your pack...

Stratus 2013 Kabang Red
Stratus is known for making big, serious wines. But with Kabang, French winemaker JL Groux shows his playful side. This is still a serious wine, but its perhaps a little less cerebral than his flagship wines. It’s meant to be accessible, ready to drink, and easy to love. And it sure is. As kwäf Taste Bud Lindsay Groves enthuses: “Here’s your new go-to red!” Or, your back-to-school red — it’ll make a great study companion. We like to drink this one on its own and savour the big juicy fruit, vanilla and soft tannins. But it goes nice with spicy and well-sauced dishes of many persuasions. Feel free to yell “kabang!” at any time.