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The Pursuit of Only Good Wine

It all started with one simple idea: friends don’t let friends drink bad wine. And we had an onslaught of emails, phone calls and texts from our friends asking, “Can you recommend a good wine?”

How could we help our friends on both sides of the wine cellar to enjoy and share more good wine?

It didn't take a genius to put it together. We did the math and came up with: Good Friends + Good Wines = kwäf.

So we assembled some of our industry friends — professional sommeliers from top restaurants — and we went straight to the cellars of our friends at some of Canada’s best wineries. Together, we went to work tasting and evaluating dozens of wines every month in search of hidden gems and small batches of the good stuff that doesn’t make it into stores.

(Yes, sadly, it’s true: a lot of the really good wine — the pride and joy of our country’s passionate winemakers — never makes it to your local shop. But that’s a whole other story; best saved for a rainy day and big bottle of red.)

Now, three years later, we’re amazed at how far we’ve come. We have a wine club with a loyal and happy following, and we also offer exclusive deals on hard-to-find bottles.

To date, we've shipped 74,396 bottles to thirsty Canadian homes and made a lot of new friends along the way (an unintended result — and we like that about wine). And every time we ship out another box of really good wine, we make many, many new ones. Welcome, friend.


Who are the Taste Buds?

The kwäf tasting panel—the Taste Buds—consists of wine industry pros and top sommeliers. We will introduce you to guest tasters and palate perspectives as you begin your wine journey with us.

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