Flat Rock Winery and Shawn & Ed Brewing: Quarantine Holiday Essentials (Shipping incld)

Finding a gift for couples presents a unique complication: There's added pressure because you need to find the perfect gift for not one, but two people. While you could always shop for separate gifts, we're all about finding something that they can enjoy together! We collaborated with Flat Rock Winery and Shawn & Ed Brewing to curate the best of both worlds: a craft beer and wine gift pack! This pack includes the perfect seasonal sips and a keepsake beer opener. There is something here for everyone on your list (yourself included).

Pack includes:

Flat Rock 2017 Twisted Reg. $18.15

Flat Rock 2019 Red Twisted (Exclusive Cab-Merlot blend) Reg. $25.15

Shawn & Ed Brewing “WinterShed” Ale 650ml Reg. $10.15

Shawn & Ed Brewing“The Resistance” Imperial Stout 650ml Reg. $12.15

Shawn & Ed Brewing Bottle Opener Reg. $2.00

Flat Rock 2017 Twisted

Tasting notes: 

Perfectly off-dry, this unique blend is one of the most fun and exciting wines Flat Rock crafts. Plump and musky, it offers up flavours of apricot, peach, and baked apple, like a mixed-fruit country pie. A well-crafted blend that combines Riesling’s zip with Gewurztraminer’s

aromatics, and the richness of Chardonnay.

Drink with:

The perfect match to the sweetness of a baked ham with pineapple.

Flat Rock 2019 Red Twisted 

Tastes like:

Plump and juicy blackberry, boysenberry, and sweet spice with a whiff of smoke. Soft, easy tannins, and supple texture. An exciting wine that’s refined, elegant, and fun to drink. Versatile and food friendly.

Drink with

Roast chicken with baby potatoes, gourmet sausages on the grill, herb-roasted pork rack, or a a lean steak.

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