Pondview 2016 Riesling Icewine (200ML)
Pondview 2016 Riesling Icewine (200ML)


Tastes like

This dessert wine has aromas of sweet, baked, yellow apples, with added flavours of pear and marmalade. The citrus notes found at the end of a sip give a long and spectacular finish.

Pairs with

For a memorable dessert, drizzle this pear and apple crisp icewine over some pure vanilla ice cream. You can even have it on its own, you will surely keep your guests wanting more.

Good for

Getting your parkas out and take a romantic snowy evening walk. Turning those snowflake kisses into real ones.

Why we're drinking this

Canada has surged icewine to international superstar status, so we cannot think of any better way to marvel in our own glory, than to open a crisply chilled bottle. To celebrate the Niagara’s 24th Ice Wine Festival, we are featuring Pondview Winery, a kwaf debut. Pondview Riesling Icewine gives us all the excuses we need to indulge our ourselves. And better yet, with an incredible price that keeps us wanting more.

Tasting note

Pondview Winery’s very first production of icewine using Riesling grapes has resulted in a tremendously succulent and rich dessert wine. Ripe pears and brown sugar on the nose with a delicious apple crisp richness on the palate.


  • Drink this: Now to 2020
  • Grapes: Riesling
  • Region: VQA Niagara Peninsula
  • Alcohol: 10%
  • Production: 50 cases
  • Winery: PondView Winery

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