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"Pop & Fizzy" Bubbly pack

There’s nothing more celebratory than a glass of bubbly to set the mood and Queenston Mile has created the perfect pack for the upcoming season. To help you get through this busy and sometimes unpredictable time of year, we have the “Pop & Fizzy” pack! Rest assured this outstanding duo will make all occasions memorable — just pop a bottle and add good company. For the days you are celebrating another long work week, hosting friends in the hot tub, or pouring welcome drinks for your guests, these bubbles will deliver!


Tasting Passes to Queenston Mile (Value $40.00)

Queenston Mile  2017 Mile High Sparkling (Reg. $35.00): While great all on its own, this wine shines with party snacks and full meals alike. If you’re feeling extra indulgent, we can’t think of a better companion for a relaxing bubble bath. Just don’t forget to use a plastic glass! 

Tastes like Tank-fermented or “charmat” sparkling wines are more economical and an easier drinking alternative to traditional bubbles. This 2017 vintage has wonderfully balanced fruit with bright citrus acidity and fruit forward aromatics.

Winery Queenston Mile

Region Ontario

Alcohol 12.5%

Total Cases Produced 300

Queenston Mile 2018 Mile High Sparkling Rosé (Reg. $35.00): What do you think this is good for? Celebration! Also a great aperitif with oysters on the half shell and caviar. Break out your finest flutes and celebrate the best way possible — with bubbles!

Tastes like The juice was fermented in cold stainless steel to preserve aromatics and capture all the ripe berry flavours. This blush-hued sparkling boasts a dry, nuanced flavour profile featuring warm notes with crisp and well-balanced acidity.

Winery Queenston Mile

Grapes Pinot Noir

Region St. David’s Bench

Alcohol 14%

Total Cases Produced 256

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