Rosewood Estate Winery : Thanksgiving pairing pack

Food by itself is good. Wine by itself is great. Wine and food paired together, now that is divine! Wine is an essential element of any great meal and you can easily elevate this year's dining experience to new heights, amplifying taste and sensation with every bite. Want to elicit oohs and ahhhs this Thanksgiving? Kwaf invites you to experience the magic of Rosewood Estate Winery's perfect pairing for your Thanksgiving Dinner.

This stellar combo pack is curated just for you, or give as a gift to loved ones!

Pack includes:

2 bottles from Rosewood Estate Winery 

Rosewood Estate 2017 Riesling AF Reg. $18.00

Rosewood Estate  Unfiltered Pinot Noir   Reg. $30.00

Nutty Honey  Reg. $12.95

Rosewood Estate 2017 Riesling AF

Tasting notes: Medium weight and fresh, with a silky texture and light effervescence. The palate shows a strong fruit profile and mild secondary notes, flipped from the nose, which offers enchanting white florals. Continuous flavours from candied lime with added peach, white grapefruit, and marmalade. 

Rosewood Estate  Unfiltered Pinot Noir 

Tasting notes: Incredible flavours from candied cherry, red licorice, cinnamon, and raisins. A very smooth palate with soft tannins and medium acidity that carry the flavours through to the finish. Best enjoyed slightly chilled.

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