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LCBO # 308288 | 750 mL bottle

Tastes like: Crisp, clean and super lean grass, lime and steeliness. Pucker up!
Pairs with: Complements zippy flavours of ceviche or grilled white fish, chicken, pork, and also goes nicely with fattier specimens like grilled cheese, fondue and shawarma. And, of course, goat cheese.
Good for: Daily rituals — you know, dinner and stuff.
Alcohol: 13%
Now or sooner.

Why we're drinking this
Sauvignon Blanc can have, shall we say, a certain “pong.” Imagine the sound of Wile E. Coyote crashing headlong into a shovel — then imagine the savoury expression of that collision. For some, that’s what drinking SB is all about —and that can be a good thing. We feel that good SB should deliver a visceral experience, but in moderation. The shiver of crisp acidity, the sour pucker of green grass and lime, the lip smack of ripe-tart fruit. But not a sledgehammer of green grassy “pong.” This beauty from Whitehaven has all the good bits, along with some restraint — which is how we like it.

Tasting note
A glittering pale lemon-lime colour — you might admire it for a second. The nose is perfumed with more lime, cut grass, some steely wet-stone elements, a hint of peach and lemongrass. It’s balanced, pretty. It has crisp, dry acid but there’s that unctuous quality too. A texture foreign to most commercial sauvignon blancs. A refreshing wine and very drinkable. Let’s go with 88-89 points, if you like numbers.

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