LCBO Sale Wine Of the week: June 2

Bottega Petalo II Vino Dell' Amore Moscato (Italy)

Sale $10.95, Regular $12.95
Discount (until June. 19): $2.00
LCBO #588780| 750 mL bottle

Tastes like: Pretty white flowers, pear, apple, lilac. It’s floral all right!
Pairs with: Chilled flutes. A meringue. Sorbet.
Good for: Later afternoon lingering, picnicking, procrastinating.
Alcohol: 6.5%
Drink: Instantly.

Why we're drinking this
At slightly more than the price of a few coolers, here’s something truly refreshing and bereft of chemicals and colourings. It’s a sweet quaff to be sure, but quaffable it is. At just 6.5% alcohol, drink the whole bottle and still prepare a wicked three-course dinner. This is quite a nice take on the Moscato d’Asti style, a sweet wine made from the fragrant and soft Moscato grape. It’s fizzy and sweet with soft, ripe fruit — everyone will love this.

Tasting note
Lightly aromatic fresh white flowers, rose, lilac, pear, orange zest and red delicious apple. Honey and apricot too. The aromas blossom when the sweet liquid hits the palate, delivering precise renderings of these same elements. It’s simple stuff, but rather fun. Effervescent to the point of fizzy. It feels a bit naughty being so soft and sweet. But its not cloying or treacly. This is a light, fresh fun little drink. It won’t do much with food, but maybe some light biscuits. Otherwise, it’s a good late-night palate brightener too.

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