LCBO Sale Pick of the Week: April 24

We want you to drink only good wine. And to never overpay. Since our kwäf Taste Buds are drinking all the time anyway—we mean, tasting all the time—we’re happy to pick out the super star values and pass them on to you. One good wine at a time, just because we care. Find these wines on sale at the LCBO, and enjoy!  Sign up to receive weekly picks.

Aquinas 2010 Pinot Noir (Napa Valley, California)

Sale $17.05, Regular $19.05
Discount (until April 27): $2.00
LCBO #277657 | 750 mL bottle

Tastes like: Sweet red cherries, cranberry, cinnamon.
Pairs with: Charcuterie, light cheeses, walnuts, chicken sandwich.
Good for: Saying cheers to the sunshine on your back deck/porch/patio.
Drink this: Now.
Alcohol: 14%

Why we're drinking this
We’re suckers for good Pinot Noir. And good Napa Pinot is darn hard to find for under $25 (or $50, for that matter). This is a really nice, fruity version, designed for immediate drinking. It’s soft textured, and has a slightly sweet edge. Fair warning: Fans of big, big Cabernets and Syrahs beware! This wine is not for you. But if you’re not put off by wines that are “delicate and fruity,” this is a nice one. Don’t over-think it.

Tasting note
Fruity and perfumed red cherries and cranberry—that’s about all you need to know. There’s some plum, too, and maybe a hint of blueberry and red nibs. The tannins are very light, almost non-existent. So it’s not a wine for serious food, but rather for quaffing in good company with a few light snacks. Serve it just slightly chilled, and enjoy with plenty of sunshine.

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Aquinas 2010 Pinot Noir California | kwäf LCBO Pick April 24

This week's selection by kwäf Taste Bud  Dick Snyder