LCBO Sale Pick of the Week: July 10

We want you to drink only good wine. And to never overpay. Since our kwäf Taste Buds are drinking all the time anyway—we mean, tasting all the time—we’re happy to pick out the super star values and pass them on to you. One good wine at a time, just because we care. Find these wines on sale at the LCBO, and enjoy!  Sign up to receive weekly picks.

Stoneleigh 2012 Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough, New Zealand)

Sale $15.55, Regular $17.95
Discount (until July 20): $1.60
LCBO #293043 | 750 mL bottle

Tastes like: A margherita—and we mean that as a compliment.
Pairs with: Spicy crab dip, chicken enchilada, guac and chips, General Tso chicken, hummus, grilled pork with herbs and lime, anything garlicky.
Good for: Drinking ice cold in a frosty glass (but no straw, please).
Drink this: Now.
Alcohol: 13.0%

Why we're drinking this
No kidding, this wine evokes a frosty margherita on a hot day, it’s that packed full of lime, green pepper and fresh cut grass. This is a fantastic wine—so precise and clean, it’s no wonder we look to New Zealand for the quintessential Sauv Blanc experience (apologies, Loire, but we love you too). Stoneleigh is a big-volume producer with a small-volume mentality. The do it right, and this is one of the best we’ve had from them in the past few years.

Tasting note
Aromatic and perfumed, the fruit just jumps out of the glass. Take some time and give it a good whiff. You’d better like citrus, because the grapefruit and lime comes first, then fresh cut grass and green pepper, then some gorgeous flinty wet stones (aka, minerality to some). You can catch some fresh-shucked green pea in there too. We love this wine. It’s made for hot days—and with moderate 13% alcohol, you can quaff more than a few glasses and still shoot straight. Chill this baby way down low and enjoy how it springs to life when you take a sip, as the liquid comes up to body temperature and releases all that pent-up fruit. It’s got some racy acidity, which is in fine balance with everything else—and makes it nice for all kinds of outdoor fare from the grill. You’ll want to buy at least two bottles of this one. Trust us. We’re professionals.

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Stoneleigh 2012 Sauvignon Blanc | kwäf LCBO Pick July 17

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