LCBO Sale Pick of the Week: Oct. 2

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Raimat 2010 Tempranillo (Costers del Segra, Spain)

Sale $11.95, Regular $14.95
Discount (until Oct. 12): $3.00
LCBO # 372177 | 750 mL bottle

Tastes like: Plush black fruit and with a chocolate finish.
Pairs with: Your harvest feast (turkey, roast, chicken, etc.).
Good for: Your harvest feast! (See above.)
Drink this: Now.
Alcohol: 14%

Why we're drinking this
We love Tempranillo! It’s the main grape used for the wines of Rioja, and it’s a remarkably sophisticated and elegant grape when used properly. This particular version is a bit of an anomaly. It’s a very modern style of Tempranillo, in that it’s quite a bit more like a Merlot in aroma and palate. Purists might scoff, but this is pretty damned good. And sometimes a little bit of a curve ball is ok.

Tasting note
This is a big wine. But it’s supple. The tannins are smooth and soft, and the overall balance is very nice. Generous, almost voluptuous fruit and chocolate are the predominant notes. There’s some tobacco and spice too. It’s not a complex or complicated wine. It received no oak barrel ageing, so you don’t get any leathery, earthy tones. It’s honest, pure fruit, quite concentrated and kind of sexy. Give it a whirl. It’s three bucks off!

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Raimat 2010 Tempranillo | kwäf LCBO Pick October 2

This week's selection by kwäf Taste Bud  Dick Snyder