LCBO Sale Pick of the Week: Nov. 6

We want you to drink only good wine. And to never overpay. Since our kwäf Taste Buds are drinking all the time anyway—we mean, tasting all the time—we’re happy to pick out the super star values and pass them on to you. One good wine at a time, just because we care. Find these wines on sale at the LCBO, and enjoy!  Sign up to receive weekly picks.

Bodegas Castaño Hécula Monastrell 2012 (Yecla, Spain)

Sale $10.70, Regular $11.70
Discount (until Nov. 9): $1.00
LCBO # 300673 | 750 mL bottle

Tastes like: Black fruits and berries, with a funky savoury-earthy element.
Pairs with: Super flavourful off-cuts of meat; stews, hard cheeses.
Good for: Barbecuing in an ice storm.
Drink this: Now.
Alcohol: 14%

Why we're drinking this
We drink with the weather—and now that it’s colder and darker out there, we reach for the big guns, like this formidable Spanish wine made predominantly from the Monastrelle grape. You might know this grape better as the French Mourvedre, a common element in blended wines of the southern Rhone, where it takes its place alongside Grenache and Syrah. Even though Monastrelle originated in Spain, it’s the French that really give it its due. The Hécula caused a major stir a few years ago when it debuted on LCBO shelves at less than ten bucks and received nothing but rave (and raving) reviews lauding its tremendous value and solid personality. Though it’s a bit variable year to year, it’s always a safe bet—and some years quite fantastic.

Tasting note
This is a big wine. And though it’s a bit rough around the edges, it’s truly fun to drink. Mourvedre is like your charming, unemployed cousin who swears a lot and tells off-colour jokes, but is eminently entertaining. He’s just fun to have around. Now, as the weather turns cold, this is the wine to drink. It’s got a lot of alcohol and body, deeply concentrated blackberry and plum fruit, and generous fresh and dried herb notes. You might find it a bit, as we like to say “barnyard.” It is indeed a funky wine. And that’s ok, because it’s all about balance too. The funk brings the umami element, and reminds you that good wine is alive. And it’s good to be alive when you’ve got good wine.

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Bodegas Castaño Hécula Monastrell 2012 | kwäf LCBO Pick November 6

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