LCBO Sale Pick of the Week: March 5

Sella & Mosca 2011 Cannonau di Sardegna Riserva (Sardinia, Italy)

Sale $15.95, Regular $17.95
Discount (until March 22): $2.00
LCBO # 425488 | 750 mL bottle

Tastes like: Italy on a freaking hot summer’s day.
Pairs with: Hard cheeses, charcuterie, pizza.
Good for: A house party, with good food and old-school hip hop.
Alcohol: 13.5%
Drink: Immediately.

Why we’re drinking this
OK, first off, this is a good wine. However, let’s be honest about it—it’s a drinking wine, first and foremost. This isn’t a snob’s wine, but it’s damn good at a good price. And so we must quibble, LCBO. You’re letting the price creep up, no doubt because we all agree it’s good and you’re fixing to squeeze a little more margin. But $17.95 retail is a bit much. On the other hand, $15.95 (on sale) is a decent amount to pay. We’re ok with that. But just one year ago, the retail was $16.95 and the sale price was $15.45. We’re solidly behind this wine at $15.95. But that’s where we draw the line. You’ve been warned.

Tasting note
If you dig wines with a little rustic “pong,” you’ll dig this. It’s dry, austere, a bit dusty — and that’s the way we like it. It ain’t no supple fruit bomb. You want California? Then go to California. But here, you’ve got blackberries and dried herbs, plums and prunes and currants. A super dry finish that’ll scrape your tongue of any prosciutto remnants. That’s a good thing. Order up a meaty pizza and crack a bottle, hunker down in this perpetual cold, and dream of Sardinia. Daylight Savings is upon us…

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