LCBO Sale Wine of the Week: June 22

Rocca Delle Macie Chianti Vernaiolo DOCG

Sale $12.95, Regular $14.95
Discount (until July 16): $2.00
LCBO #269589 | 750 mL bottle

Tastes like: Red berries, cherries, and a little wild woods. Medium body, good length, easy sipping.
Pairs with: Pizza, red sauces, burgers, meatballs.
Good for: Picnics and dining al fresco. Chill it a bit if the weather ever turns warm! (Not complaining.)
Alcohol: 12%
Drink: Now.

Why we're drinking this
This is the quintessential pizza wine. It’s the jeans-and-T-shirt of wines. Solid, reliable, casual and fun-loving — it’ll get you through just about any occasion that doesn’t require a tux. Chianti is like that. Made from Sangiovese, the indigenous Italian grape, Chianti is almost too easy to love. The wines come in a variety of styles: some are oaky, some are not. Some are fresh and juicy, some are deep and brooding. Chianti is one of the few wines where you get what you pay for. Which is to say, they are all generally good, but they get more complex and concentrated as you go up the pay scale. At this level, expect fresh, juicy and inviting wines — which is exactly what you get with this Rocca Delle Macie Vernaiolo. A lovely wine at a great price.

Tasting note
Perfumed notes of fresh red berries, cherries and currants, a hint of blackberry. Very little oak — this is more about the fresh fruit and that zippy Chianti acidity (which makes it great with pizza and red sauces). There are some hints of leather and a nice woodsy wildness. It’s medium/light in body and the tannins are soft. Very nice structure and personality. It’s lighter in alcohol too, making it a great little quaffing wine!

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Rocca Delle Macie Chianti Vernaiolo DOCG

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