LCBO Sale Wine of the Week: November 1

Calmel & Joseph 2016 Villa Blanche Chardonnay (Rousillon, France)

Sale $12.90, Regular $14.90
Discount (until November 5): $2.00
LCBO #375071 | 750 mL bottle

Tastes like: Fresh juicy fruit (like the gum, minus the sugar) with bite. Lots of orange, mango, peach, pear and apple. Delicious.
Pairs with: A good book, a warm dog, a crackling fire - leisurely things.
Good for: Right now, and the next right now.
Drink: Now.

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Why we're drinking this
A Chardonnay this good at a price this good is a special thing. Coming from the sunbaked southern France region of Roussillon, the wine achieves those riper tropical notes but, interestingly, retains the freshness and acidity that we like up here in the chilly north. Good stuff. This is solid and delicious.

Tasting note
A really nice sipping wine. It’s got just enough texture and body to be interesting and fun to drink, but it’s dry and lean and fresh and fruity. Lots of apple, pear, mango, peach and orange, all clean and lively. The attack is smooth and supple, with vibrant mouth-tingling acidity. A hint of savoury, herbal notes, but this is mostly all about the fruit. A good to very good wine, depending on your price threshold. We think this is a killer deal.

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Calmel & Joseph Villa Blanche Chardonnay

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