LCBO Sale Wine of the week: November 17

Santa Carolina 2015 Sauvignon Blanc Reserva (Leyda Valley, Chile)

Sale $9.95, Regular $11.95
Discount (until Nov. 27): $2.00
LCBO #337535 | 750 mL bottle

Tastes like: A summer day, the scent of fresh mowed grass in the air, as you sip some orange-grapefruit juice and, hey, is that a whiff of basil and mint?
Pairs with: Fresh grilled white fish, or fish ceviche, grilled asparagus, salad with a light herbed vinaigrette, pork chop.
Good for: Holding on to the last days of summer! They are here in this bottle.
Alcohol: 13%
Drink: Now.


Why we're drinking this
Sauvignon Blanc is a challenging grape for some people who find its aggressive grassy and stemmy character overpowering. And to be fair, some winemakers choose to play up that style. And to be more fair, that style can work well if everything is in balance. But it’s not easy, and too many Sauvignon Blancs are just grassy and harsh. This wine is not that! The Leyda Valley in Chile is considered to be a top spot for this grape, and this Santa Rita is tremendous value.

Tasting note
A gently aromatic nose of fresh cut grass, orange and grapefruit, with whiffs of peppermint and sweet basil, gooseberry and cat’s pee (yes, that is a typical characteristic for Sauvignon Blanc). The wine is in fine balance, with the high acidity tempered by a bit of sweetness, which comes through on the rather lengthy finish. A clean, crisp wine, very pleasant and delicious.

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