ClubK: Shake up your dinner routine

Whether you’re a Master Chef or a serial delivery dialler (or somewhere in between), having a glass of wine by your side while you prep and sit down to a meal is one of life’s true pleasures.

And the best way to know you’ll always have a great wine on hand for any day of the week is with a box of six killer wines from our ClubK packs. (Next box ships June 20!)

For kwäf’s own Marketing Manager, Jessica, this is a daily ritual she takes (somewhat) seriously:

"I love to take the time to cook a good meal when I can. And knowing I’ve got a selection of great wines—with all the food pairing and tasting tips from the Taste Buds—from my ClubK, makes the whole process that much more enjoyable. Pouring myself a glass while I contemplate the contents of the fridge inspires me to get creative. Or sometimes it helps me just kick back and wait for the pizza to arrive…"

So what are you waiting for?

Get your box of dinner muses delivered right to your door for just $119 all in when you subscribe today!

Or, try out a one-time shipment for $122.

Either way, Meatloaf Monday just got a whole lot more exciting!

Order today to get the Summer box by June 30 >>

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