Wine and Music are a Perfect Pairing

This season just wouldn’t be what it is without the classic Summer Jam—from Beach Boys’ golden oldies to the latest singles from Drake or Tegan and Sara.

And whether you’re kicking back after a long day at the office or revving up for a good ol’ dock-rocker, ClubK has the wine and music covered with six killer wines and a specially curated Spotify playlist.

The playlists are a relatively new ClubK (Summer box ships June 20!) feature our own Chief kwäffer, Andrew, particularly enjoys when he’s catching up on emails on the front porch:

"On a recent Friday evening my wife and kids were away and I had some work to do, so pulled one of my ClubK wines out of the fridge. While taking a look at the write up to read about the wine, I came across the Spotify music list, downloaded it and turned it up a bit… and then got back to replying to e-mails from the front porch with a second (arguably a third) glass."

Get your ultimate summer wine and music setlist in time for the Canada Day long weekend when you order ClubK by June 15 »

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