Can you buy wine online in Canada?

We live in a marvelous age for e-commerce. Books, clothes, even our groceries can be ordered, purchased and delivered to our homes with just a few clicks of a button. But what about the home delivery of wine? Is it legal to buy wine online in Ontario? Can you, from the comfort of home, access a large and diverse online assortment of quality and vintage wines? The answer to all of the above is: absolutely.

Although home delivery within Ontario is not yet available through the LCBO, there are many alternative wine clubs and subscription services that offer wines from over 200 world class Ontario vineyards. What’s more, ordering direct through a wine subscription service can be a fantastic way to discover new wines not available through the LCBO or other provincial liquor control boards.

kwäf, a Toronto-based wine e-commerce site, offers its members a plethora of home delivery options including exclusive flash wine sales (you literally can’t get these selections anywhere else) and a subscription wine club service that brings 6 new wines to your doorstep every 3 months.

If you are a Canadian resident (with a few provincial exceptions) you can in a matter of moments sign yourself up for some great wines, or somebody else if you're in an altruistic type of mood. Delivery times may vary (kwäf includes estimated delivery dates on their website) and in matters of the home delivery of wine, waiting, as they say, will be the hardest part.


  • Can I buy from you if the LCBO goes on strike?

    Christine Kohut
  • Its amazing how many different types of liquor you can find at an online
    buy wine online . I do all of my liquor shopping, even wine, at an online store. It is just so much more convenient.


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