Celebrating 5 Years of Kwaf!

Ontario Wine, Loud and Proud

It's hard to believe that our little Ontario wine club is turning 5 years old this month. We've come a long way since Kwaf’s first shipment in March 2015 and we still have so much more wine to share! What began as an effort to gather friends who love wine, taste our way around Ontario's finest vineyards, and share the very best bottles that we found, is still our passion and our goal today. At its core, Kwaf is all about finding the best Ontario wine. Our priorities are still the same as they were in 2015: discover and share hard-to-find, exclusive, and outstanding bottles. What motivates us, besides hearing the great things our Kwaf members have to say about their wine, is being a part of the world class Ontario wine industry. We cannot sing the praises of Ontario wine loud enough! Every bottle we ship is our opportunity to expand the reach of Canada's very own bustling Ontario wine regions. What an honour that is!

Kwaf in 2020 and Beyond

It's easy to spend occasions like this focusing on where you've been, but we're excited to look ahead. Kwaf has a lot of really great things coming up this year and we are always looking into the future at what else we can do. Our passion remains in helping grow the Ontario wine industry by getting bottles into the hands of Canadians. Some things to look forward to in the year(s) ahead:

  • more Kwaf presence at Ontario wine events! We love getting to meet our members and the wine industry community, which is why we plan to be out and about in 2020, shaking hands and talking wine.
  • more exclusive bottles from wineries you haven't discovered yet. We are constantly hunting down the next best wine and up-and-coming wineries that we think Kwaf members will love. 
  • exciting wine offers, like our inclusion of products from the world's biggest wine website, Wine Folly. Because nothing is better than learning about wine as you drink it!

Kwaf's success is of course, all thanks to our Kwaf members, both old and new. We are ever grateful for the ongoing support we have received from across Canada over the years. Thank you for taking the time to discover Kwaf and for all of your wonderful feedback! Kwaf members are constantly proving to us that they are passionate about their Ontario wine, just like we are. Cheers to 5 amazing years and many more to come!


  • I’ve been a fan of Ontario wines since the late 1970s, when Dr Frank was showing what the finger lakes could produce with chardonnay in upstate New York. Nova Scotia now has largely followed the Ontario template for quality and success. I like to keep Ontario wines from KWAF to show friends here how well Nova Scotia has come to compare in excellence!

    Iain Macdonald
  • Kwan’s wine shipments of excellent Ontario wines every 3 months is the highlight for us. Keep up the excellent work.
    Thank you.

    Rosemarie Puhk

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