Exploring Niagara Wine Tours

With the summer months fully in gear, many people are heading out across Ontario to enjoy some vacation time. Many of whom will choose to visit Niagara Wine Country. As avid wine fans ourselves, we think there is no better way to make the most of a wine country holiday or visit than to take in a Wine Tour. With endless options to please any palate, budget, and time constraint, Wine Tours are a great way to learn and taste your way through Niagara Wine Country. There are many choices when it comes to just how exactly you make your way through the Niagara region and we're here to help you choose which is best for you.

Group Bus Tours

Bus Wine Tours Niagara

A very common way to cruise around most any wine region is by bus. Whether it's a grand double decker, luxury van, or quirky school bus, the options are as varied as the wineries themselves. One of the benefits to using a group tour is that you get to meet other wine fans you normally might not! Though it might seem intimidating at first, taking a tour with a group is a really fun way to experience and learn about wine. Group tour guides in Niagara are extremely knowledgeable and make the experience very memorable. Group bus tours are also usually the most economic and fast way to make your way around wine country. Step out of your comfort zone and take in the sights in style—without breaking the bank.

Bike Tours

Wine Bike Tours Niagara

Looking to burn off the calories while you indulge in some wine, cheese, and bountiful charcuterie spreads? Bike tours are the best way to take in Niagara at a slower pace. Being on a bike means you can be more immersed in the beautiful scenery and truly take in the vineyards you're surrounded by. Besides the bonus of getting in some great cardio, wine bike tours are an experience you will never forget. The ride lengths might seem daunting, but there are many options for novice bikers. Let the wine power you through some of the most incredible scenery Canada has to offer!

Private Car Service

Private Car Wine Tours Niagara

Feeling fancy? Maybe you're celebrating a very special occasion by visiting Niagara wineries. There are definitely some cases where having your own private wine tour is worth the spend. With many options available from Classic English Cab to stretch limousine, there are plenty of options at all ranges of pricing. You will likely be surprised at how reasonable a private wine tour can be. Touring Niagara Wine Country with a private car is an indulgence you are definitely worth enjoying. Take the plunge and make your way around the wineries in style.

No matter how you choose to see Niagara Wine Country, you are sure to enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of the many world-class wineries that await you. And who knows — maybe you'll run into some fellow Kwaf members!

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