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Wineries are not built overnight. It takes years of dedication, research, and passion to develop all the right pieces that together create a memorable wine experience. With many wineries to discover across Ontario, it can be overwhelming to decide where to start. It’s easy to focus on the “big names”, but doing so means missing out on the incredible wines being offered by smaller, boutique wineries. On Seven is one of those wineries you’ll not want to miss. Take a moment and enjoy getting to know
On Seven Estate Winery, and the incredible wine, vines, and experience they have to offer. 

On Seven Winery Niagara

Located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, an appellation renowned for its grape-growing terroir, On Seven has founded their winery on 7 acres of Ontario farmland. If you didn’t catch the namesake for their winery, these 7 acres were first purchased in 2009. Since then, the On Seven team has worked tirelessly to find the right vines to bring to their land. This includes sourcing vines from Burgundy, France and ensuring they were able to flourish in their new home. After years of growing and tedious work creating optimal grapes, On Seven offered their first release in 2019, of their 2017 The Pursuit On Seven Chardonnay. An exciting achievement they have continued to build upon since.

New Niagara Wine

With the launch of their 2017 Chardonnay, On Seven continues to grow - both in the field and off. With a focus on premium Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, On Seven remains steadfast in their commitment to offering the very best wine possible. From selecting the right vines and rootstock to bring to Ontario, to waiting to plant until the exact right time, things have moved slowly. However, when it comes to wine, slow is not bad. The success of their Chardonnay motivates the On Seven team even more to offer an outstanding Pinot Noir that they are proud of. And if their Chardonnay is any indication of what their Pinot will be like, we are all in for a great experience. 

On Seven Winery and Kwaf

All of us at Kwaf were thrilled to share On Seven’s Chardonnay with our members in June 2021. It is always a pleasure to feature new Ontario wineries and On Seven is no exception. Learn more about On Seven Estate Winery, and their commitment to traditional and organic farming practices. If you would like to discover more Ontario wine like On Seven, and hopefully more of their releases in the future, join Kwaf today! We love to share exceptional Ontario wine and would love to have you join.

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