Kwaf Has a New Look

Our brand and website got a makeover!

If you've been making your way around the Kwaf website lately, you likely noticed things have a different look around here. We're excited to share Kwaf's updated online home with all of you! The colours are brighter and our overall vision is represented throughout Kwaf's site.  We hope you take the time to explore and get acquainted with our new look!

New Logo

Kwaf's new branding and website all starts with our logo. Did you know the dots over the letter 'a' is called an umlaut? Our name might look fancy, but that's where the formalities end with Kwaf. Part of what makes Kwaf unique is in the way we spell our name, so we highlighted that with the vibrant umlaut over the 'a'.



The Brighter, The Better

Kwaf is more than a wine service. Our goal is to bring you awesome Ontario wine that you may not otherwise have access to, that you can share with friends, enjoy with great food, and build memories alongside. Wine should be fun and exciting; which is why Kwaf's new colours reflect our commitment to having a good time. Four times per year Kwaf shares the best that Ontario wine country has to offer and we hope you're having as much fun as we are, every time you pop a cork (or unscrew a top).

Looking Ahead

With our fresh face, we're more ready than ever to bring Canadians great wine. We hope you enjoy our new look and encourage you to take a look around at all of our shiny new features. Our shipping is the same and we will continue to share only the very best Ontario wines. Thank you for being a member of Kwaf!


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