Valentine's Day Wine

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Wine and Kwaf

Now that we're all settled into the new year and have the holiday season behind us, it's time to look ahead. And what better way to get the new year rolling than by celebrating those you love! Valentine's Day has really evolved over the years from being a "greeting card holiday" to becoming a day where everyone is encouraged to celebrate however they wish. This means all people, whether they're in a relationship or not, should and can celebrate if they want to! Whether you're planning a Valentine's Day with your partner or a girls night with friends, wine is always a fun component to bring into your plans. 

Kwaf Valentine's Day Wine

We have put together a really special pair of bottles just in time for v-day 2020. Cuddle up to your favourite Valentine (or Galentine) with the ultimate Ferox wine pack. Featuring premium Ferox 2017 Red and Ferox 2018 White wine, you are going to love these bottles in our "Wild in Love" pack. The red will be a perfect companion to your dinner, no matter what you cook up. And the white will bridge the gap from dessert to after-dinner entertainment. Delivered with tasting passes and additional discount for future purchases, it's everything you need for the perfect Valentine’s Day. 

Staying In Doesn't Have to Be Boring

Going out can be overrated and expensive. If you can have great wine and food at home, there's basically no need to go out! No matter who you're spending Valentine's Day with, we have some quick suggestions on fun ways to spend your evening in with those you love. 

Dinner with your significant other

  • Get some delicious food in the oven and pour a couple glasses! Have you tried a recipe from Fraiche yet? They offer unique, accessible, and very delicious plant-based meals that would make staying in for dinner even more fun. From soups to dessert, there is something for everyone. 
  • What is dining in without some tunes? Keep the TV off and spend time listening to classic love songs. We think there's no better way to get conversations rolling than to listen to some well-loved, time-tested hits. Check out these playlists on Spotify and turn the volume up!

Night in with friends

  • Stream some classics, whether they're from when you were a teenager or the show you've all been meaning to get started. Try starting "Cheer" on Netflix or 70s classics like "Grease" or the original "Freaky Friday".
  • Game night! Playing games with friends is way more fun once you open a bottle of wine (maybe a bottle from Ferox?) like Incohearant or What Do You Meme? These games are fun in groups and make for a lively evening!

Whether you're in at home or out on the town, there's plenty of ways to have a great Valentine's Day. If the Ferox "Wild in Love" pack isn't what you're looking for, visit our Exclusive Offers page to view other excellent Ontario wines we have! Happy Valentine's Day!


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