Winery of the Month: Fielding Estate

Settled into Niagara's Beamsville Bench, not far from Lake Ontario, you will find the beautiful vineyards of Fielding Estate. Family owned and run, Fielding prides itself on growing excellent grapes, creating outstanding wine, and sharing their knowledge at hosted events overlooking their vineyard. Fielding offers a range of whites and reds that can easily please any palate and we are always excited to share Fielding bottles with Kwaf members.

Bottles For Sharing

We chose to kickoff our Winery of the Month feature with Fielding for many reasons. For one, they consistently make excellent wine that we always enjoy drinking and sharing with guests. Fielding whites are made with the freshest Niagara grapes and local fruit-driven aromatics. These are especially exceptional in the summer when there is nothing quite like sitting on the dock with a chilled glass of white in-hand. Fielding's 2018 Estate Bottled Pinot Gris is crisp and dry—perfect with summery fish feasts. We also can't stay away from their 2018 Sauvignon Blanc or 2018 Estate Riesling. Both bottles are perfect for sharing around the dinner table and enjoying as the sun sets over the lake water at the cottage. Overall, Fielding wines are the ultimate companion to Ontario summers.

The Perfect Summer Companion

There are plenty of options when it comes to exploring Ontario's expansive wine region. You can wander through the vines and taste the vintages at any number of wineries. We see no reason why you shouldn't swing by Fielding and enjoy their tasting room and picturesque property. We're always astounded by their warm welcome, passionate staff, and attention to detail. We hope you will take the time to enjoy some Fielding Estate wines this summer!

To celebrate Fielding Estate being our Winery of the Month, we're offering a fantastic 4-bottle Dock Pack that is sure to make your weekends at the cottage that much sweeter. Shop it now on our Exclusives page!

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