Winery of the Month: Tawse

In the last 10 years, Tawse Winery has been voted Canada's favourite winery 4 times. This is quite a remarkable achievement considering the vast number of wineries in Canada only keeps growing and Tawse officially opened its doors in 2005. That's not a lot of time to become a Canadian wine staple — let alone an award winning one at that. These are just a few of the reasons we are so excited to have Tawse as our November Winery of the Month! They are not only exceptional winemakers, but their business is evolving to include spirits, which is very exciting. Our main focus of course is wine, but as we enter the 2019 holiday season, we're more ready than ever to explore the many offerings Tawse has available.

Standing Out in Ontario Wine Country

With a robust number of wineries already in Ontario, it can be increasingly difficult for a winery to make their mark. When Tawse officially opened its doors in 2005, they committed to "uniting traditional winemaking techniques with state-of-the-art technology" and adhering to biodynamic methods of winemaking. Tawse is committed to upholding high environmental standards, which influences all of their wine decision making. By hand-harvesting grapes to underground barrel-aging, every aspect of the Tawse winemaking process keeps its natural setting at the front of mind. With 5 Vineyards now hard at work for Tawse, they are able to produce over 30,000 cases of wine each year. It's a great achievement to create such a high standard of wine while also making environmental responsibility a key tenet of their company's philosophy. 

Shaken, Not Stirred with Tawse

Besides their great selection of wines, Tawse is expanding their repertoire to include spirits! As we mentioned before, there is truly not better time of year to experiment with craft spirits than the holidays. So even though Kwaf is all about wine, we think it's ok to indulge in some cocktails once in awhile too. In celebration of being Kwaf's November Winery of the Month, Tawse has created the ultimate holiday bundle — whether you keep it for yourself, gift it to a host, or both — we know your holidays will be memorable when spent with Tawse. Our 'Shaken, Not Stirred' offer includes:

  • 3 bottles from Tawse winery
    • Tawse Gin
    • Tawse Vermouth
    • Tawse 2016 Sparkling Riesling
  • 2 complimentary tasting cards 
  • Lavender bitters 
  • Cocktail recipe card

This pack has everything you need to get the party going this holiday season. Or to even kick back after a long day at work. There is never a bad time for a good glass of wine and a chilled cocktail. 

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