Simple Icewine Cocktail Recipes

Icewine is a rare and sweet gift from our magical winters in Canada. Picked on the coldest winter nights, each grape is plucked from the vine and pressed while still frozen, to create just one drop of Icewine. This smooth and luxurious drink is a true symbol of the season and a welcome reward, produced by harsh Canadian winters.

There are several ways to enjoy icewine, the most popular is to serve it cold and on its own. We also suggest using icewine to create a stunning cocktail. Reif Winery has some fun icewine cocktails that will excite your palate and gently warm you up through the winter, and beyond.

Here are some fun and easy recipes that are made from cocktail heaven:


1 oz Ferox Dornfelder Icewine
3 oz sparkling wine
Garnish with strawberry

Serves 1



1.5 oz Ziraldo Riesling Icewine
1.5 oz vodka | Add ice and stir.
Garnish with a frozen grape.
Optional: Rim the glass with sugar.

Serves 1



1 bottle Reif Estate Riesling
2 large ripe Ontario peaches,
pitted and sliced
¹ ⁄³ cup Reif Estate Vidal Icewine
1 handful of mint for garnish

Put ingredients in a large pitcher
and mix. Cover and chill for 2
hours. Stir mixture again. Serve
over ice and garnish with a slice
of peach and mint.

Serves 4

These are just some ideas of the cocktail recipes you can make at home. Give it a try and let us know what you think. You’ll see. Icewine by itself or in a cocktail provides the perfect comfort after spending a day outdoors, or when cozying up with that special someone.

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