More Ways to Enjoy Your ClubK

Not sure how to best enjoy the wines in your ClubK box this season?

We here at kwäf have a few favourite ways that we wanted to share with you!

1. Share a photo on social media

Everyone loves to share, so why not share a photo of the best wine club and make your friends jealous? We love snapping a photo of our wines and posting it on Instagram and Facebook. Make sure you use the hashtag #ClubK so that others can see your photos too! We love looking at the hashtag and seeing how many kwäffers are enjoying their ClubK box - and the most creative ones we repost to our Instagram page (@kwafwine) for everyone to see!

2. Cooking amazing wine and food pairings

We love drinking wine, and we love cooking, but what's best is cooking a dish that matches your wine perfectly. Every season we find (and test!) the best recipes for our ClubK wines. This Fall, they all come from French Country Cooking: Meals and Moments from a Village in the Vineyards by Mimi Thorisson. One of our favourites is her Pot-au-Feu (recipe below), which pairs perfectly with the 2012 Dean's List Meritage. After you make this, you'll want to check out more of Mimi's recipes which you can find on her website, or by purchasing her book!

Pot-au-Feu Recipe

Pairs with: Niagara College 2012 Dean's List Meritage

Psst! You can find more recipes in the Members' Corner at

3. A relaxing evening in with some good music

Don't want to drink your wine in silence, but can't find anything to watch on Netflix? We've created a playlist full of great songs that will match your drinking experience this season. Fill up a glass, turn up the volume, sip and enjoy. Listen to the full playlist by creating a free Spotify account.

Have more ways you like to enjoy your ClubK? Share them with us!

Want to get in on the #ClubK fun? There's still time to get this season's box! Get yours here!

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