Rosé all day? Rosé all year!

You can expect to find a few more bottles of pink showing up on Kwäf. Our love affair with the rosy hued wine is not new, but its recent surge of popularity has more people discovering the diversity of rosé wines.

You may have noticed your local wine shops and restaurants focusing more on this delicious style, and we are cheering them on! Rosé is the perfect wine to take you from Spring flavours straight from the garden, the summer heat and transitional into the cooler months. If you think rosé is just for quenching summer thirst, think again, this wine is fantastic to drink while the leaves start to tumble down.

Long gone are the days of sickly sweet pink wines! The Rosé produced these days offers incredible complexity and depth of flavour; it’s a great alternative to white wines for red wine drinkers!


There are so many styles of rosé, it is unfair to toss this style of wine into one bucket. The range of grape varietals used has expanded significantly over the years, from Grenache, Sangiovese, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah just to name a few. Each varietal, from each region produces a different profile on the flavour spectrum, from light and dry to full-bodied and fruity. Rosé is incredibly versatile, and should not be relegated to one season!

Try this newly featured rosé from Two Sisters, it won't last long!

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