We are taking the shame out of last minute gift shopping, there is no stigma here! You are all very busy, between the kids' concerts, staff parties and impromptu visits from relatives, you have a lot on your plate!

And doesn't everyone always say, 'save the best for last'? We are here to help with the stragglers on your list. Just because you haven't found the perfect present yet, doesn't mean you don't care - you are just holding out for the best!

We are fast approaching the 25th, and we may not be able to guarantee your gift will get there before Santa does. But, just when they think all the gifts have been unwrapped, an unexpected delivery full of joy will appear! We love to help spread the holiday cheer, well into the new year!

We have a lot of gifting options!

  • Visit and pick a pre-made mixed pack from the Somewhereness group of wineries

  • Our Bottle Shop lets you pick what wines you want to give, create a custom gift!

  • Still not sure? Everyone loves a Gift Card!

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