Matt Kramer, author and columnist for Wine Spectator, describes Somewhereness as “the mix of terroir, climate, vine and winemaker that makes it a wine apart”. A group of eleven wineries growing small, site-specific vines in Ontario’s ancient soils, have called themselves ‘Somewhereness’. As a part of Somewhereness, “a wine will meet all of the benchmarks of small plot cultivation, sustainable practices and responsible management. This approach to winemaking contributes to the elusive characteristics that infuse your soul with every sip of their wine”.

Kwäf is proud to partner with the group of eleven wineries of Somewhereness. We echo their sentiments and support their passion and purpose, that is why we were so excited at the opportunity to bring you these exclusive mixed packs. We hope that you and your loved ones enjoy the Somewhereness of all these wines over the holidays!

For a limited amount of time, you can capture your own Somewhereness with these pre-made gift packs.

Kwäf brings you the gift of time from these participating wineries:

The  Somewhereness Wineries

·       13th Street Winery

·      Hidden Bench Winery

·       Bachelder

·       Cave Spring

·       Flat Rock Cellars       

·       Tawse Winery

·       Malivoire

·       Charles Baker

·       Southbrook Vineyards

·       Stratus

·       Domaine Queylus

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