Spotlight: Rosewood Estate Winery - "How they bee”

We are thrilled to spotlight one of kwäf's members’ favorite winery, Rosewood Estates WineryBased on Beamsville, Niagara, it is described as a traditional winery and meadery.

Rosewood Estates Winery journeyed into wine and honey country in 1966 when R. William Roman Sr. had a dream of bottling mead, that dream later became reality through his son, Eugene.

Eugene fulfilled his father’s legacy and began beekeeping in 1980. Years later, Eugene and his wife Renata fell in love with the region and the people, while enjoying their honeymoon in Niagara. Eugene promised his wife they would own a winery one day. That promise was kept, and a few years later he bought 40 acres of prime real estate on Beamsville Bench, and the legacy began. Today, Rosewood Estates Winery is Niagara’s first winery-meadery, producing award-winning wines alongside their delicious honey.

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What's Rosewood philosophy when it comes to wine, you may ask, it is simple - ‘Earth to bottle’. As farmers, everything they do in the vineyard is in pursuit of great flavour, concentration and balance in the grapes grown. To ensure they are looking after our little piece of the world, they tend to their vines by hand to achieve optimal soil health and vine balance. Rosewood uses an integrated pest management program and has moved away from, and limit, chemical inputs wherever possible, to protect their neighbours, community and their beloved bees.


Sustainable beekeeping has been at the core of the Roman family for three generations. Tradition is kept alive by continuing to be innovative and sustainable maintain healthy and productive hives. Keeping the bees happy and healthy is their top priority.

Just like the bees transform the flowers’ nectar into honey and the yeast transforms honey into wine, Rosewood Estates Winery transforms everyone who arrives to experience their magnificence and magic.

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