The Grange: Family Ties

"On our farm, and in our vineyards, we let the land be everything that it is supposed to be, thriving, wild, and perfectly imperfect. We believe that winemaking is a powerful connection to time and place. Be firmly rooted wherever you are and let your wine be alive with what pushes and pulls you. And make time to enjoy a bottle of great wine with people who make your heart sing" -Caroline Granger




Robert & Diana Granger turned down the old Third Concession back in 1974 on a blustery March day. Little did they know that the little farm they were about to buy would, 30 years later, become a beautiful, thriving vineyard & winery.

Caroline Granger found herself back on her family farm, three small kids in tow looking to rejuvenate her life. Her parents couldn't manage the farm anymore and so it fell to Caroline to pick up the slack. And that she did and more. She transformed the sleepy farm into a vineyard in 2001 and opened her winery in 2004.

Her daughter, Maggie, joined her in the project in 2010 when her love for wine and the land brought her back to the family farm, much like her mother.

Together they produce wines that are delicious and true to their unique farm in a small corner of Prince Edward County.

Complimentary tastings are given to wine club members and their guests as well as clients who purchase 3+ bottles. All groups get a flight of 3 tastings of Grange wines as well as the time and attention of our knowledgeable staff. 

The Grange grows 6 varietals on a 60-acre vineyard; with chardonnay, pinot gris, riesling, gamay, pinot noir, and cabernet franc. The winery produces only 100% estate grown and made wines to reflect the region and its distinct style. We truly believe Prince Edward County is a unique piece of the world and we want you to see that too. Our wines come from this land, our family has lived here for decades and we think that it is a special place. If you come visit us be prepared to take your time, and take in the landscape thats around you.


Located 2.5 hours from Toronto along the east end of Lake Ontario is Prince Edward County

Caroline is an advocate of not just her own winery, but all wineries of Prince Edward County, and a single parent who is passionate about equality and the importance of agriculture for the future of Canada. A former model, Caroline has tirelessly fought for women's rights, and the role family farms can play in the future of our economy.

The Grange of Prince Edward County winery is set in a rustic farmland setting and the wine tastings occur in an old converted barn, which has an art gallery loft and room rentals for events.

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  • What a wonderful story – and they are producing some lovely wines! Definitely worth the trip to the County!

    Heather Ann

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