What to Sip : A Trick for you and a Treat for me!

It’s almost Halloween! It seems only right to pay homage and toast to an occasion centred on dressing up and indulging in candy. So, before you give out all those treats this Halloween, here is some reasons why you might want to save some for yourself, and give out tricks instead I mean, who can resist the temptations of all our childhood favourite confections.

We tend to overbuy the miniature packages that line the grocery store shelves, if you are like me, you might find yourself grazing in the candy bowl after dinner with a glass of wine in hand. The key to pairing candy with wine is that you want to make sure that the candy is not sweeter than your wine, which can make your wine taste too bitter.

Here's a list of wines that you can't go wrong pairing with your favourite treat:

  • Twizzlers: The red fruit flavours work best with Pinot Noir. If you want to have a little fun, biting off the ends of the twizzlers to create a straw for the wine, will create the perfect pair.
  • Snickers: A Bubbly will balance the richness of the snickers and intensify the caramel.  
  • Twix: Try this with a Merlot, the red currant and some hint of spices will great an unforgettable pairing.
  • Skittles: For that juicy goodness of skittles, it can only be showcased with an Off-Dry Riesling. Make sure it is one with ripe fruits and low tannins.
  • Gummy Bears: Only a Pinot Grigio can pair with this guilty pleasure. The fruity and oily textures of the gummy bear work well the light and refreshing grigio. Make sure there is enough acidity for balance.

Follow these simple guides to get the most out your Halloween candies! Do you have any favourite candy and wine pairings? Share them in the comments below so that we can indulge in some of your favourites too!





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  • Those are some great ideas, can’t wait to try it.


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