Winery Winter Visit

In the winter months, wineries tend to slow down, they have a calm and peaceful environment. Wine touring during this time of year offers all the things you enjoy the most about wine tasting—namely, sampling really good wines while avoiding all the things you don’t, like big crowds.

After the harvest, grape vines are resting and the wines are placed into barrels to begin the ageing process. The winemakers are able to welcome you, allowing them to treat you with personal attention while sampling their craft.

Picture: Queenston Mile Vineyard

If you don't believe us and don’t think a winter visit to a winery is a good time, here are four reasons that will change your mind!

Picturesque landscape

This is likely the best reason to visit a winery during the winter. The beautiful and tranquil scenery in a warm dining room overlooking a snow-covered vineyard, as you sip a flavorful wine, is just picture perfect.

Picture: Stratus Vineyard

Seasonal Wines

The winter months give traditional, full-bodied reds for us to enjoy. They are extra warming and delicious when served in the serenity of snowy vines.

Picture from: Stratus Winery: Food & Taste Lab

Stock up

Usually this time of year we are hibernating, so it is important that we are surrounded by the best and have some on reserve for any visitors.

Perfect Date

Going to a winery is the perfect escape. You can walk around a cozy cellar holding hands, tasting fantastic wines, and taking in the fresh air of the vineyards. It will make you believe in magic again.

So there you go, what’s your excuse? Visit your favourite winery and tell us about it!

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