Level up your wine game

Want to know how to sabre a bottle of bubbly?

Or maybe you just want to impress your guests by serving the perfect wine with mushroom risotto. There's a lot to learn about wine and it can be a little overwhelming.

That’s how Maxie, kwäf’s Happiness & Marketing Coordinator, felt when she first joined the team:

"The only thing I knew about wine before I got my ClubK subscription was that I liked to drink it. Since joining kwäf, and after two shipments of ClubK, I can confidently say that I can tell a long finish from a short; I can pick out the aromas in the tasting notes; and I understand why pairing an off-dry white with a spicy curry is a match made in heaven. Not that i’m bragging, or anything ;)"

ClubK makes discovering new favourites and growing your arsenal of fun wine facts (they make great party tricks and conversation-starters!) super easy.

Just a few clicks and you’re set to receive endless wine (6 new bottles every 3 months) without lifting another finger! You’ll get tasting notes and tips from our Sommelier experts for every bottle, and each box is always backed by our 100% Happiness Guarantee.

Ready to level up your wine game?

Subscribe to ClubK today and get the Summer box delivered by June 30 »

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