Kwaf Year in Review

Another Great Year of Ontario Wine

It's pretty remarkable that another year has come and gone. We have enjoyed a very busy 365 days here at Kwaf, which seems to make time move that much faster. 2019 was a big year for us, with a visual rebrand and lots of exciting behind-the-scenes changes that have made Kwaf an even better Ontario wine company than before. We are so lucky to have our Kwaf members support not only us, but also the Ontario wine community as a whole. We're ardent Ontario wine-ohs and love nothing more than getting great Ontario bottles into your homes. So more than anything, thank you for your support, whether you're new to Kwaf or a longtime friend. We are very grateful you're here and looking forward to sharing an exciting 2020 with you!

2019 Kwaf Highlights

  • In May we released our official Kwaf rebrand! This was a huge undertaking by our design and development teams, and we've been so thrilled by the amazing response our Kwaf members have had. We wanted our branding to reflect the excitement we have towards Ontario wine, which is why Kwaf is now brighter and bolder. We love our new look and are so glad you do too!
  • We featured so many amazing wineries this last year and will feature even more in 2020. One of the many reasons people join Kwaf is to discover outstanding Ontario wine that they may not otherwise learn about, so we love getting new bottles to you. Some wineries we featured for the first time in 2019 include: Kin, Georgian Hill, Lakeview, and more! 
  • Kwaf launched some new offerings this year, including a Winery of the Month and in December we partnered with Wine Folly to offer some very exciting products that the Canadian wine market hasn't seen before. Wine Folly is the leading online destination for wine learning and we cannot sing their praises enough. If you want to learn about wine in an approachable, fun, and visually engaging way, then Wine Folly is the place to go! 

Looking Ahead

There's no time for us to sit back and relax. We have wine to share! After a very busy holiday season, we're gearing up for an exciting Spring. There is lots of Ontario wine to explore and some great special treats up our sleeves, so get ready for another exciting year with Kwaf! We're thrilled you're here enjoying the best Ontario wine and from everyone at Kwaf, we wish you an incredible 2020!

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